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Ameri-Force, 100% Employee Owned & Operated

Since its founding in 1991, Ameri-Force has become the trusted staffing services provider for multiple industries, gaining a reputation second to none. Ameri-Force has gained its stellar reputation by putting thousands of qualified & skilled people to work with companies throughout the United States. Our clients have included major organizations in several verticals including: ship construction and repair, aerospace and defense, heavy construction, light and heavy industrial, energy production and utilities, oil and gas, disaster recovery, manufacturing, environmental, railroad, and general labor.

In 2009 Ameri-Force became part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) with the company being turned over 100% to its employees. Ameri-Force team members truly own their own future and the destiny of the company is determined wholly by their actions, determination, and ingenuity.

For Employers

The Ameri-Force approach to fulfilling the staffing needs of our clients begins by developing a deep understanding of their company culture, needs, and processes. Our goal is to work in conjunction with in-house hiring teams to provide the most qualified and best-fitting candidates possible. We assign an experienced representative to your account who understands the needs and complexities of your specific industry. Ameri-Force mobilizes our nationwide recruiting infrastructure to match qualified candidates to your specific needs. Once qualified employees are on the job, we continue to work with your staff to ensure that your employees stay productive and provide the highest degree of job satisfaction.

For Job Seekers

Our team members are the best part of the company and they’re what make Ameri-Force great. When you join Ameri-Force you’re not just starting a new job, you’re becoming part of an industry powerhouse. By providing some of the highest wages and best benefits available it’s no wonder our average team member remains with Ameri-Force for 10 years or more. The goal at Ameri-Force is to be your employer for life. Our recruiting team works hand-in-hand with you to provide assignments which increase your skill level and add to your job experience in order to advance and maintain your career.

Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.

Ameri-Force Craft Services is committed to ensuring that our qualified employees arrive ready and prepared to go to work. To ensure that we fit the needs of your business, Ameri-Force offers a variety of skilled craftsmen to suit your specific requirements. Whether your company needs trained and qualified help for just the day or long-term, we can provide assistance with just one phone call.

Ameri-Force Professional Services, Inc.

Ameri-force Professional Services is dedicated to providing your organization with quality employees. We listen to your needs and find the individual that will best fit your company’s short-term, long term or direct hire needs. We also provide contract and permanent professionals who are fully qualified to work in the most challenging Government and Commercial environments.

Ameri-Force Industrial Services, Inc.

Ameri-Force Industrial Services is a leading industrial staffing provider for environmental and industrial cleaning, disaster recovery/remediation, and construction maintenance companies. Our capable recruiting and support specialists are experienced in enabling you to fulfill your manpower requirements and are committed to maintaining the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Ameri-Force Management Services, Inc.

Ameri-Force Management Services provides robust Back Office Services and Human Resource Staffing support to diverse clients nationwide. You save time and money, and limit your risks, by offloading recruiting, training, payroll, benefits administration, and other HR activities.

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