Frequently Asked Questions

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Candidate Questions

Do I need a resume?

Yes, we request a resume so when we present you to the client they can see your full skillset.  The client doesn’t have time to speak to each candidate personally and the resume is their quick view of what you can do.

Should I bring my resume to the office, email, or fax?

It is best to email your resume but you can also bring it directly to the branch office.

Why should I work for Ameri-Force?

Along with great pay, benefits, travel reimbursement, and other incentives, the number one reason people choose Ameri-Force is to invest in their future. Ameri-Force is a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP) and all qualifying employees are entitled to stock ownership.

Do you offer overtime?

Yes, though this varies by job. Call for more information: 800-522-8998

How do I get started with Ameri-Force?

Begin by searching the openings listed on Once you find one which is a good fit, apply directly online. Resumes can also be emailed to if you would like to be contacted about openings matching your skillset.

Does it cost money to work for Ameri-Force?

No this service is free-of-charge to job seekers; our goal is to help find the best job for you.

How can I refer a friend?

Email their resume to and mention your name as the referral in the subject and body of the email.

Does Ameri-Force have permanent jobs or are these just temporary assignments?

Ameri-Force offers a wide range of job opportunities from temporary assignment, contract to direct, or permanent placement jobs.

Employee Questions

What hours have been reported for me this week?

You will need to contact the branch you are working for. If hours are missed for the week the branch must be notified so they can contact the customer to receive the missed hours.

How do I receive my check stubs?

Ameri-Force has an online portal available for every employee to view their stub, 24 hours-a-day. For security purposes, each employee must have a valid email address in order to gain access to this portal. This email address must be provided to either the branch or the Payroll Department and entered into our payroll software prior to sending you a link so you can create your LOGIN and PASSWORD. If you have completed an on-boarding application with Ameri-Force you will use the same LOGIN and PASSWORD to view your pay stubs.

What did I claim on my W-4?

To find out, please contact either the branch that you worked for or the Payroll Department via email. The email address to the Payroll Department is

How do I receive a copy of my garnishment or child support order that is being deducted from my pay check?

Contact the Payroll Department at The Payroll Department will provide the requested information within 48 hours of receiving the request.

How do I get a copy of my W2?

Ameri-Force provides W2’s at the end of the year via an online portal. Once the W2’s are completed and ready for the employee to download and print, Ameri-Force employee’s will receive an email informing them that they are ready to download.

How do I get a copy of prior year W2’s?

Contacting either the branch that you worked for or the Payroll Department. Once either department is contacted, a duplicate W2 request form must be completed and sent to the Payroll Department at Once this form is received the Payroll Department will provide the requested information within 48 hours.

When will my insurance coverage begin?

It takes up to eight weeks before the employee will see the deductions from their checks. Once the premiums are taken, coverage will be effective the following Monday through Sunday. Insurance coverage is on a weekly basis. If you have a premium deduction from your check you will have insurance coverage the following week.

When do I receive my insurance cards?

The insurance company will automatically mail the insurance cards to the home address of the employees once two premium deductions have been taken from the employees checks.

What are my co-payments and other out of pocket expenses?

For any insurance questions, after the employee is enrolled for coverage please contact the insurance company at 1-866-798-0803.