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General Foreman Grid Assets (44110)

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Job Description

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for the managing, supervising, training, safety, programs, scheduling and coordinating work for substation and metering work areas and staff related to storm/emergency response and management, design, construction, maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, and testing of substations, metering, AMI mesh networking system, design and testing of all electric system Smart Grid Devices (SGD) and fiber & radio communication systems, including wireless, fiber, etc.; hazardous waste and spill prevention.

Essential work activities:

  • Manages and supervises employees of the Metering and Substation groups.
  • Manages and supervises the Assistant General Foreman Grid Assets in planning, scheduling, implementing, and maintaining including the prioritization of their work.
  • Provides timely recommendations to the Assistant Director of E&O relative to employee evaluations, step raises, and progression classifications. Works with employees on their Career Development Plan, to ensure they remain updated, reviewed, and maintained per procedure; making recommendations for further training requirements, etc., for employee to achieve required safety and skill proficiencies.
  • Adheres to and enforces all department policies, procedures, OSHA, standards, codes, rules, laws and regulations. Addresses violations in a timely manner, documents any violations and makes recommendations to the Assistant Director of E & O for any progressive discipline. Participates when required in union/management negotiations, grievance procedures, and arbitrations. Responsible for first step response under the existing labor contracts for grievance procedures.
  • Ensures proactive and timely documentation, maintaining material evidence and ensuring accurate incident and/or trouble report to support potential insurance claims, billing disputes, etc., adhering to all policies and procedures including scrap and surplus material,
  • Provides recommendation for operational staffing, including required qualifications and manpower levels for all Meter and Substation assignments for both scheduled and unscheduled work.
  • Performs Spill Prevention Coordinator duties, coordinates the work of contractors and LSP for the HAZMAT cleanup, maintains records, establishes cyclic training (in-house and/or LSP) for all company operations employees, in accordance with best utility practices.
  • Provides for all budget input and budget tracking related to managed work areas.
  • Plans and coordinates all integrated work efforts with the appropriate divisions and subdivisions.
  • Coordinates and executes switching operations with National Grid and Eversource, ISO operational procedures, and NERC mandated requirements, alerts, reporting, ordinances, and maintains all records on SharePoint, or other company authorized shared location
  • Develops and/or assists in the development of bid specifications for capital improvement projects equipment and materials.
  • Ensures that all manufacturers recommended cyclic maintenance, testing, repairing, troubleshooting, etc., for all equipment responsible under this division, is performed in accordance with standards, procedures, applicable codes, law, etc. (i.e., IEEE, NIST, OSHA, NERC, ANSI, NESC, NEC, etc.).
  • Manages recordkeeping of all maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, repairing, etc. Uploads the test data, reports, and records, as a minimum, to a shared database such as SharePoint or other company authorized shared data location.
  • Manages the Dig Safe operations at customer. Serves as the representative to the Dig Safe System, Inc. Ensures accurate field marking and investigates any dig-in incidents. Provides all Dig Safe as-built changes to the GIS plan to engineering for GIS accuracy updates. Provides for all Dig Safe record keeping and dig-in reports.
  • Assists in developing “routine” switching orders (SO) in accordance with the Switching and Tagging Operating Procedure. Ability to be qualified and assigned as a Switchman, Tagman under the direction of a Control Authority (CA) as required during the routine and emergency conditions.
  • Supervises Programming of substations and filed SGDs, downloads data out of control devices and submits required records and reports in detail as required.
  • Assists in the development and updating the substation and distribution system automation schemes, testing, maintaining, and commissioning plan.
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy in meter testing in accordance with the DPU, establishing and maintaining a meter accuracy program, including primary metering. Responsible for demonstrated and procedural efficiency and accuracy in the documented transfer of such meter information, including multiplier, meter discount verification, etc., bringing any inconsistency, customer billing issue, recommended procedural improvement, etc. Promptly to the attention of the Assistant Direction of E&O.
  • Supervises troubleshooting and works to resolves power quality related issues and troubles, performs power quality measurements, analysis, and provides reports.
  • Supervises Troubleshooting, testing, programming of AMI Mesh Network equipment, fiber & radio communication devices to resolve problems. Ensures the proper flow of metering data to Meter Data Management (MDM).
  • Supervises the operation and maintenance of customer peak shaving Generator(s), BESS, and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) programs system-wide. Coordinates and implements all scheduled outages of generators or peak shaving with Control Room Operators when called by IRD and the Assistant Director of E & O.
  • Enforces OSHA safety rules and RMLD’s operational policies and procedures.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s in electrical engineering or equivalent qualifications as determined by RMLD with minimum of 10 years of demonstrated leadership, management, and supervisory experience in the successful development, and maintained accuracy of ,substation, AMI/Mesh Network, Smart Grid technology, etc. procedures and programs.
  • Successfully demonstrated experience in leadership, management, and supervision of substation and metering groups under normal and storm/emergency conditions. Minimum 10 years’ demonstrated technical experience in the design, construction, programming, testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of substations and metering systems in accordance with current standards, codes, laws and best utility practices. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in system protection and coordination, smart grid systems and associated telecommunications. Minimum 10 years’ experience as a rated Switchman/Tagman. Minimum 10 years’ experience in HAZMAT associated with distribution systems; Spill Prevention Coordinator experience desired. Demonstrated ability to utilize latest testing devices, e.g. Omicron CDC100, is strongly desired.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated proficiency, knowledge and experience in management, including program development and maintained accuracy of substation design, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and testing.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in managing AMI fixed and mesh network metering systems, residential, commercial and primary meter installations and testing.
  • Knowledge of telecommunications network design integration into Smart Grids, including fiber/radio telecommunications input to Outage Management Systems, Meter Data Management (MDM) Systems, etc.
  • Must have excellent project management, multitasking, prioritization, leadership, supervisory and management skills including functional and operational scheduling and planning.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Well-developed computer skills with excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, iProject Management software, etc. and ability to quickly adapt to new software.


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