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Workforce Staffing

Tap into our national database of industry professionals.

Payroll & Healthcare

Ameri-Force provides a wide array of payroll, healthcare, and employee benefits services.

Safety & Compliance

Ensure your job-site meets all safety and industry standards.

Our Sales Department can be reached directly at:
866-691-3205 or sales@ameriforce.com

Selective Staffing Solutions

Ameri-Force can mitigate your cost and workload through our Selective Staffing Solutions (SSS) program. SSS is a tailored, cost-effective approach that ensures continuity, consistency, and efficiency. You save time and money while limiting your risk by allowing us to handle your company’s:

  • Payroll
  • Benefit Administration
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Affordable Care Act Tracking
  • Provision of ACA Compliant Insurance

Outsourcing Payroll & Benefits

Often the exorbitant costs associated with payroll, worker’s compensation, and healthcare benefits can prove too much to bear for many employers. Fortunately options exist to offset these financial and time constraints. Ameri-Force continuously negotiates competitive rates for worker’s compensation insurance, health insurance, payroll expenses, and other benefits. By working with Ameri-Force to mange payroll, our clients are able to tap into our resource pool and make their company more enticing to top-quality candidates.

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