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According to the 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report, 6.4 million Americans are employed in the Traditional Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. This was an increase of roughly 5% since 2016, bringing 300,000 new energy sector jobs to the market. From traditional energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas, coal, and nuclear to new renewable energy sources like wind, solar, biofuels, and hydroelectric, the need for energy creation and resource management is at an all-time high. Ameri-Force specializes in sourcing, hiring, and placing employees in energy sector jobs. Our energy sector staffing recruiters fill positions throughout the industry including: electrical engineers, professional welders, energy analysts and technicians, equipment installers and many more.

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Ameri-Force is highly-experienced in energy sector staffing and offers workforce energy and utilities staffing solutions for organizations in this space. A few of our energy industry specializations include staffing for companies managing: power generation, commercial nuclear power, transmission & distribution, and alternative energy production. Ameri-Force has a proven track record in fulfilling energy sector staffing needs at all levels within the energy production & utilities industries. Our staffing management team will partner with you to design a workforce whose experience, skills, aptitudes, and attitudes match your company’s culture and goals. By working with Ameri-Force, your chances of hiring the right person the first time are dramatically increased which will lead to higher productivity, accelerated growth, and lower overall turnover.

It’s no secret or surprise that the energy sector is quickly changing. In a report from Scott Smith, Vice Chairman, U.S. Power & Utilities Leader at Deloitte, LLP, these changes are highlighted by the recent shift away from coal and to other energy sources. In the United States, natural gas surpassed coal in overall annual energy production for the first time ever. Energy production from non-hydro renewables (mostly solar and wind) has doubled from about 5% of total energy production in 2012 to nearly 10% in 2017. These changes are leading to new job opportunities in all levels from design and development to installation and management. The team at Ameri-Force is on the cutting-edge of the energy revolution with our thumb on the pulse of this ever-changing market. When you’re looking to fulfill your energy sector staffing needs, trust in the expertise and track-record of Ameri-Force.

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