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Railway Staffing Services

The U.S. freight rail network consists of 140,000 miles of railway with 21 railroads operating regionally and 510 operating locally. As a whole the $60 billion industry supports 221,000 jobs and transports 40% of all freight in the nation. The Federal Railway Administration projects a growing demand for railway shipping services as the U.S. population continues to move toward urban areas and “megaregions.” As this demand grows so too will the need for railway staffing services. Locomotive engineers, conductors and switchmen, electricians and testers, welders, dispatchers and more will all be in high demand in the years to come.

Since 1991 Ameri-Force has maintained strong relationships with the railway industry as well as the professionals servicing it. Railroad companies large and small count on Ameri-Force for our railway staffing services. We place railway candidates in positions nationwide at all professional levels.

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