Hiring During Coronavirus

Actively Hiring During Coronavirus

Ameri-Force is fortunate to work with a diverse group of businesses throughout the United States, many of which are actively hiring during COVID-19. Much of the work performed by our employees is focused on infrastructure and national defense, both deemed essential workers by the Under Secretary of Defense. Every week we will keep this page updated with positions showing the fastest turnaround time in order to get you back to work as fast as possible.

If you have been displaced by COVID-19, are part of a furlough, or need to work additional hours, keep this page bookmarked and check it often for the newest list of COVID-19 jobs. If a friend or family member is seeking employment during the response to this pandemic, please share this page with them. We also encourage you share it on your social media accounts so we can help get more people back to work as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Hiring

For the week of October 19th, 2020, the following jobs are considered a top priority. Click the links below to apply directly through our hiring portal. You can also email your resume to recruiter@ameriforce.com and reference the position you’re interested in.

  1. Jacksonville, FL – Shipfitter 1st Class
  2. Newport News, VA – Marine Electricians
  3. Newport News, VA – Shipfitter/Fabricator
  4. Newport News, VA – Outside Machinist
  5. Newport News, VA – Marine Pipe Coverers
  6. Newport News, VA – General Shipboard Cleaner (with clearance)
  7. Pascagoula, MS – Marine Electrician
  8. San Diego, CA – Structural Welder
  9. San Diego, CA – Outside Machinist
  10. San Diego, CA – Electrician

Coronavirus Job Resources

The health and safety of the men and women working for Ameri-Force has always been, and will always be, our number one priority. When the pandemic began hitting close to home, we immediately sent safety guidelines to all of our employees in the field. Since then, we have invested heavily in face masks and additional PPE for team members.

We will continue to keep this list of resources updated during the response to COVID-19. Check back often for new tips and related information

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our number one core value. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees. We’re dedicated to continually improving our processes, demonstrating leadership, and promoting comprehensive safety throughout our organization. Ameri-Force expects individual accountability among all employees and promotes a dedication to adhere to safety standards. We ask that all team members actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices. Safety is the responsibility of all employees, including both top management and the individual craft worker.