Safety Statement About COVID-19

Continuing a Culture of Safety

Dear Valued Team Member,

Nothing is more important than your getting home safely every day to your family, friends, and everyone who relies upon you. With justifiable concerns over COVID-19’s impact on health and the economy, it is easy to become distracted at work. Our minds can be occupied by concerns that take our focus off the task at hand and completing our work safely. The variation in our workloads can make our daily tasks even more challenging. However, we are here to remind you that Ameri-Force will not compromise safety for production, schedule or cost. You are too valuable to your family and us, your work-family.

With that in mind, remain vigilant and follow a few basic steps:

  • Make it your choice to work safely. It is not our safety rules that should drive you, but something you commit to for your own benefit and your own reasons.
  • Pay attention to risks around you. If something can be made safer, raise your concern and we will address it. Please do not walk past something that is not right.
  • Don’t take short cuts, rush, or take chances. If unsure, ask for assistance. If you need help, ask for it rather than muscle your way through a task.
  • Look out for each other. Speak up if you see someone at risk. We are each personally accountable and collectively responsible for each other’s safety. If someone says you are taking a risk, listen to them! They are simply trying to help get you home safely.
  • Believe in Stop Work Responsibility. If you stop a task for a safety reason, we will support you…. each and every time.

None of us know when the virus will recede or when the economy will bounce back, but history tells us that both will eventually return to normal. We want, when that day comes, for you to be in just as good of shape as you are today.

Don’t let today’s stressors cause you to lose focus. You have too much to lose. Think about who is waiting for you at home. That’s why you work safely. Don’t do it for the company, do it for your coworkers and your loved ones.

If you have any questions at all about COVID-19, symptoms, preventive measures, or company policies please contact your local Ameri-Force office or call 800-522-8998.

Joshua Manning is the Vice President of Operations for Ameri-Force. A graduate of Auburn University with an M.B.A. from Troy University, Joshua has been a member of the Ameri-Force team since 2007.

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