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Ameri-Force Employment Placement Specialists are trained to match skills and qualifications to the appropriate jobs. They have a vast knowledge of all crafts used when selecting the most qualified applicants for a specific customer. They find the right applicants for the job and ensure that those applicants have a clear understanding of all of the pertinent information about each job including scope of work and duration of the assignment.

Ameri-Force maintains a large database segmented by candidate skillset and performance. We also have additional tools such as automated multi-line dialing and cloud-based contact channels which allow us to reach hundreds of applicants in an expedited manner to inform them of current job needs.

OSHA Compliance

Since 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been committed to safe and healthy conditions in the workplace. OSHA regulations ensure that “no worker should have to choose between their life and their job.” Since its inception, workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths have decreased by over 65%. This federal agency works with state and local organizations to enforce safety standards at companies across the United States.

Ameri-Force provides instruction and training for employees to ensure safer workplaces. Some of these courses include: OSHA 10 hr. Instruction, OSHA Maritime Safety Course, Firewatch Training, Customized Topical Safety Training, and several other courses. Ameri-Force services move beyond simply helping prevent accidents, we help companies develop safe, high-quality work environments that boost their employee’s knowledge and awareness of safety issues and best practices, help maintain quality, production, and profitability for your business.

Commitment To Safety

The goals of our safety programs are both humanitarian and economic. It is our duty to send each employee home to their family each day whole and healthy. Every effort must be made to prevent accidents. Safety is not just the responsibility of management; it is every person’s duty to protect the safety of themselves and their coworkers. It is critical that all involved work hard to control and eliminate all work place hazards. Ameri-Force strives to follow the directives of OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative.

All employees injured on-the-job are required to report their injuries regardless of how minor. Emergency contact procedures are followed by all Ameri-Force employees. Ameri-Force’s safety policy is based on our conviction that the well-being of our employees must be a major considerations in all operations. We commit to conducting operations in a way that reduces and avoids injuries and damage to property and/or the environment. Every operation is planned with these goals in mind.

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